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Our flagship Mobile Content Publishing Platform Fublish – Futuristic Publishing enables Books, Magazines, Journal Publishers to Publish on Digital Formats suitable for Apple iPAD, Android Tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire,… and setup Digital Store Fronts to extend Global Readership, almost Instantly !

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Fingertip’s is a smarter way of ordering F&B for any restaurant, through the FingerTips application running on Android Tablet devices. The system gives a visual presence of F&B along with placing order without steward interventions.

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MV Font Library

“MV Language Library” is a language library designed to solve the multilingual (indian languages) support problem in mobile handsets. Using the library we can deliver the language content in mobile application with zero coding and content developers can package contents seamlessly without worrying about the language support in mobile.

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This is our Award Winning Mobile Software, which is a collection of hundreds of mobile books packaged in a microSD card. Once installed in users’ mobile phone, this makes the person a walking digital library.

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